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An epitaph at Wisbeach:—
Beneath a sleeping infant lies,
To earth whose body lent More glorious shall hereafter rise,
But not more innocent.
When the archangel’s trump shall blow, And souls to bodies join,
Millions will wish their lives below
Had been as short as thine.—S. Wesley.

epitaph found in a churchyard

In an Irish country churchyard :—
A little Spirit slumbers here,
Who to one heart was very dear.
Oh ! he was more than life or light,
Its thought by day—its dream by night!
The chill winds came—the young flower faded And died ;—the grave its sweetness shaded. Fair boy ! thou shouldst have wept for me,
Nor I have had to mourn o’er thee:
Yet not long shall this sorrowing be—
Those roses I have planted round,
To deck thy dear sad sacred ground,
When spring-gales next those roses wave, They’ll blush upon thy mother’s grave.

At Fulham, ob. 1635 :—
Margaret Smyth.
But short was her Life, yet lives she ever,
And Death has his Due, yett dyes she never.
In St. Paul’s Cathedral, ob. 1641, set. 43 :—
Anthony Vandyck.
Ilis pictures so with their live objects strive That both or pictures seen, or both alive:
Nature, herself amazed, does doubting stand Which is her own, and winch the Painter’s hand.
At Norwich, ob. 1641 :—
Anne Harsnet.
Heaven, has her Charitie,
The Good, her Fame,
The Church, her Pietie,
This Stone, her Name.

This epitaph provides some remarkable statistics about the long loved and prolific William Shulton who lived to be 97 and by two wives fathered 45 children, and was grandfather to 86, great grandfather to 86, and great great gransfather to 23. In total, Mr Shulton had 251 living direct descendants at the time of his death. We don't know what else he accomplished in his life, but Mr Shulton was certainly successful from an evolutionary point of view. 300 years later there must be thousands and thousands of people related to him and carrying on his genes.
In Heydon church-yard, Yorkshire, England, is the following remarkable inscription:
Of this parish, who died May 10, 1734, aged 97 years.By his first wife he had children .... 28
By his second wife 17
Was own father to 45
Grandfather to 86
Great grandfather to 97
Great great grandfather to ... . . 23
Lived to see descend from his own body 251

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