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An epitaph that expresses the fact that all humans will eventually die. Epitaphs like these were used essentially as sermons, exhorting the reader to consider the transitory nature of their earthly lives and to plan for the next:
Isabel Laidlaw.
Forbear, fond man, and weep no more, ’tis vain, When Heaven decrees ’tis folly to complain ; This worldly mass is subject to decay,
And death and nature all things must obey.

epitaphs about the afterlife

A type of epitaph common among Christian cemetaries during the 18th century. It epresses confidence in an afterlife and depicts death as freeing the soul from the impurities of this life:
Thomas Pickard,
who died suddenly, Jan. 29, 1719, aet. 50
A Soul prepared needs no delays,
The summons come, the saint obeys ; Swift was his flight, and short the road : He closed his eyes, and saw his God.
The flesh rests here till Jesus come,
And claim the treasure from the tomb.

An epitaph that reminds the reader of how fleeting life is:
At Shoreditch, ob. 1729, aet. 69 :—Jacob Vesesbeck.
In all your pride and self vain glory, Mind this same well, Memento Mori.

This is an example of an epitaph that sings the praises of the deceased. We will never know if this was an accurate pictire of Mr. Bartlam but he sounds like someone you would want to know.
To the Memory Of Robert Bartlam, Gent.,
Who died at Alcester, the 21st,
And was buried 25th July, 1821, aged 52. He was inflexibly upright as a solicitor. Hospitable as a neighbour,
Faithful as a friend,
Affectionate as a relative:
He reconciled the angry,
Relieved the needy,
Protected the oppressed,
And walked humbly with his God.—S. Parr.
Ob. 1823, aet. 74

Edward Jesner, M.D.
Within this tomb hath found a resting placeThe great Physician of the human race,—

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