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Religious Eulogy Quotes

Religious eulogy quotes celebrating the belief in life after death and the survival of the soul

This is a collection of religious eulogy quotes, celebrating the belief in life after death in the arms of a loving God. These quotes express the hope and faith in the survival of the soul after death, and in a life everlasting in Heaven. Fundamentally these quotes are comforting and reassuring, giving inspiration and hope that the deceased is now with God.

Many of these quotes were written by Christian writers, but they can also be used in a multi faith or nondenominational setting.

Death is the path that leads to God

Religious Quotations for Eulogies

Death's but a path that must be trod.
If men would ever pass to God.

-- Parnell

God gives us strength in these difficult times.

God Comforts and Guides Us

Our God, a tower of strength is He,
A Good defence and weapon;
From every care He helps us free,
That unto us doth happen.

-- W.H. Dulcken

Religious Quote About Passing Away

Passing Away

Hear the last words the believer saith
He has bidden adieu to his earthly friends;
There is peace in his eye that upward bends;
There is peace in his calm, confiding air;
For his last thoughts are God's, his last words, prayer.

-- Henry Ware, Jr

A Christian Does Not Fear Death

Death Has Been Vanquished

Is that a death-bed where the Christian lies?
Yes, but not his: 'Tis death itself there dies.

-- Coleridge

Faith in the afterlife

Death is New Beginning

There is a world above,
Where sorrow is unknown;
A long eternity of love,
Formed for the good alone;
And faith beholds the dying here,
Translated to that glorious sphere.

-- James Montgomery

Religious Quotation About Hope in the Resurrection

Religious Quotation About Hope in the Resurrection

Death has no terrors for the Christian's soul,
His sting;s extracted, and his mighty dart
Was blunted by its task on Calvary.

-- Joseph H. Wythes

Our Soul Will Live Forever

Life Everlasting and the Spirit

I am fully convinced that our spirit is a being of a nature quite indestructible, and that its activity continues from eternity to eternity.

-- J. Oxenford

Religious Eulogy Quotes


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