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Celebration of Life Quotes

This is page 2 of 2 of a collection of celebration of life quotes. These eulogy quotes focus on the life and character of the decease and celebrate his or her life. They confirm how lucky we were to have known them and how they left this world a better place.

Eulogy Quote About Overcoming Adversity and Strength of Character

This eulogy quote celebrates the fact that the deceased faced challenges and adversity and overcame them. These life challenges are portrayed as shaping the character of the deceased, and strengthening him or her.

I count life just a stuff
To try the soul's strength on, educe the man.
Which keeps one end in view makes all things serve -- Browning

Small Faults

This Shakespeare quote reminds us to forget the small faults that everyone has.

So may he rest; his faults lie gently on him. -- Shakespeare, Henry VIII

A Good Wife Eulogy Quote

This Eulogy Quote Celebrates the Life of Good Wife

The proverb says: ones own warm hearth
And a good wife, are gold and jewels worth. -- Goethe

Eulogy Quote About Living Well

This quote exhorts us to live well.

Live long and happy, and in that thought die;
Glad for what was -- Browning


A Moment in Paradise

A moment spent in Paradise, like this,
Is not too dearly purchased by a life. -- RD Boylan

Be Yourself

Eulogy Quote About Being Yourself. It Celebrates the Idiosyncrasies and Unique Character of the Deceased

He is happy who dares be what he is! -- Hagedorn, from Moralische Gedische


Our Faults Often Set Us Apart and Make Us Lovable

A man's faults are what make him really lovable -- Goethe

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