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Celebration of Life Quotes: Positive Eulogy Quotes Celebrating a Life Well Lived

This is a collection of eulogy quotes that celebrate the life and personality of the deceased. They are meant to honor his or her achievements, focusing especially on the departed's strength of character and virtues. The quotes are positive because they remember the life of the deceased instead of focusing on his passing. They can also be categorized as celebration of life quotes.

No Regrets Eulogy Quote

No Regrets Eulogy Quote

I regret little, I would change still less.
Since there my past life lies, why alter it? -- Browning

Eulogy Quote Celebrating Achievements

It Is Not The Length of One's Life That Matters, But What You Do With It

We live in deeds, not year; in thoughts, not

In feelings, not in figures on a dial. -- Bailey: Festus

Our Life is a Prelude for the Next One

This Life is A Preparation for he Next

Things learned on earth we shall practice in heaven -- Browning

If You Could LIve Your Life Over

If You Could Lave Your Life Over

If I had to live my life over again I would live as I have lived. -- Montaigne: Essais, III, 2

Quote About Living Without Fear

Quote About Living Without Fear

He hath no master who hath learnt to die. -- Sully-Prudhomme

Eulogy Quote About Someone Who Died Young

Eulogy Quote About Someone Who Died Young

The lovely bud, so young and fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom. -- Leigh Richmond

A Good Person

Eulogy Quote Celebrating the Life of A Good Person

As flowers which night, when day is o'er, perfume,
Breathes the sweet memory from a good man's tomb. -- Bulwer Lytton

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